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The new moonlightgdess

Life and times of the Misseh

29 June
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This is the new moonlightgdess... I'll update this soon but pop over to that LJ if you want some tasty info in the meantime.
agnosticism, alanis morrisette, angel, angel icons, animals, anti fred phelps, anti tom cruise, anti wbc, astronomy, atheism, avenue q, babies, band camp, binx, biology, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, camping, card night, charlene harris, chatting, cheese, chemistry, chenzel, chess, clubbing, coffee, cooking, covenant, crotcheting, d&d, dancing, dating, depeche mode, dogs, driving, europe, fanfic, fate, final fantasy games, fiona apple, flute, foamy, forensics, french, gaming, garbage, gardening, gay marriage, gay rights, genetics, german, germany, goth music, green day, grooming, hamsters, harry potter, hgtv, home decorating, honesty, idina menzel, indian food, ireland, julia stiles, karma, kevin smith movies, kickboxing, kristin chenoweth, languages, larping, lj icons, love, loving multiple people, mac cosmetics, makeup, marching band, meditation, men, mexican food, miniature painting, motherhood, motor, movies, munchkin, music, my kids, mythology, napping, neurotically yours, ohio, open relationships, painting, parchisi, peace, pedicures, photography, photoshop, photoshop brushes, piercings, poodles, pro-choice not pro-abortion, psychology, rammstein, roleplaying, rpgs, rts games, russian, schadenfreude, sewing, sex, shadowrun, shirley manson, sims 3, slash, snow, space ghost, spades, spanish, starcraft, swimming, sword of truth series, t.a.t.u., terry goodkind, thai food, the beatles, the sims, the sims 2, torturing ljer baronlaw, travelling, vampire: the masquerade, warhammer 40k, white wolf, wicked, willow and tara, winter, world of warcraft, writing